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Processing refinery

The processing refinery is focused only on production. Within its processing the refinery does n​ot focus on the purchase of raw materials and the sale of oil products. The processing refinery receives crude oil raw materials from the shareholder via its trading companies - processors.

Proces​sors realize deliveries of crude oil based on their commercial contracts. Purchased petroleum flows to the Czech Republic through the Druzhba Pipeline from the Russian Federation or from Terste to Vohburg through the TAL Pipeline and from there through the IKL Pipeline to the central tanking area for crude oil in Nelahozeves near Kralupy nad Vltavou. Crude oil extracted by the company of Moravských naftových dolů in the Czech Republic travels in separate volumes through the Druzhba Pipeline, and in exceptional cases also in railway tanker cars. ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. accepts crude oil at the boundary of the site and after storage draws it for its own processing.

The processors submit their requested demands for processing, which specifies the technological processing conditions and the requirements for product volumes and quality. The refinery's task is then to categories the received requirements and specificatio​ns regarding volumes and quality so that the required production products and volumes can be dispatched. The expedition from the refineries is again based on the processors' requirements, which either transport the products in auto tankers to their service stations or customers, or have them transported by rail or the ČEPRO pipeline system.

The refineries working in a processing regime process supplied crude oil in accordance with high safety and environmental requirements for quality oil products. For the perform​ance of this activity, the refinery receives a processing fee, which is bound to an installed refinery capacity (including costs for employees and other fixed costs) and which is also derived from the volume of processed crude oil and/or energy needs and other variable costs. The processing fee paid by individual processors is the refinery's only direct revenue.

The strategy of refineries working in the processing mode is to obtain the maximum number of requirements from its processors, so that the refinery's capacity is used to the maximum. It is ​also important to provide such services and quality that will result in the processors giving priority to using these refineries.


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