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Unipetrol Index Czech (UIC)

Pricing Based on Unipetrol Index Czech (UIC)

UIC si​gnificantly si​mplifies orientation in the calculation of wholesale prices for the Czech market and thus increases their transparency.​​

ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r​​.o. offers assistance in the form of consultation on UIC-based pricing to entities interested in the application of UIC in their business transactions. This service mainly concerns entities that intend to launch a tender procedure for the purchase of fuel based on the UIC.​

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The current​​ value of regional price component (without VAT, in CZK /1 000 L 15°C).

Fuel pric​es (index) are determined considering current condition of the economy, governmental fiscal policy and  market conditions driven by developments in global petroleum product markets.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


If the table​​ with the current UIC data is not loading properly, please proceed with the following steps:

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In business transactions between ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. and another contracting party, the above​mentioned prices of selected UI​​C-m​​arked refine​​ry products are applicable solely and exclusively to determine the contractual price of the listed refinery products in accordance with valid written contracts in which the pricing method is expressly agreed based on Unipetrol Index Czech.

ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. hereby expressly cautions that the prices of selected refinery products mentioned above under the designation UIC are neither an offer (draft) of a contract, nor acceptance​​ of a contract offer (draft), nor a public promise. Any refinery product purchase contract concluded by ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. requires a written form and a literal, unreserved and unconditional consent of ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.​​r.o. regarding its full content, including signatures of the persons authorized to act in the name of ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. Publishing the price of the abovementioned refinery products under the designation UIC cannot be associated with any expectation of any concrete result, especially with conclusion of a contract with ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o on purchasing refinery products.




The UIC reflects macroeconomic conditions such as legislative obligations, competitive influences, price developments on European markets, exchange rate developments, production levels of surrounding refineries.


UIC is updated daily to ensure an objective corresponding price level on the Czech fuel market. 


UIC is a publicly available price index which takes into account objective, relevant and current price levels. 


UIC has been used since the end of 2016 and has been a contract-based pricing tool since 2018.


UIC is published publicly, all price changes are available in the archive from the beginning of their publication. 

UIC mainly reflects: 

  • product qu​otations

  • costs of ​meeting bio-obligations and emission targets 

  • exchang​e rate development 

UIC is listed:

  • in Cz​ech crowns per 1,000 litres at 15°C

  • inclu​ding excise duty 

  • exclud​ing VAT ​ ​​​​​​


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