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C10 Fraction Non-hydrogenated
General Characteristics 

C10 Fraction Non-hydrogenated is a hydrocarbon fraction produced as a by-product of hydrocarbons pyrolysis at steam cracker. It is a transparent, colourless to yellowish liquid with predominant content of aromatics.

C10 Fraction is a flammable liquid, Category III, according to CSN 65 020.

C 10 fraction is used as a monomer in the production of hydrocarbon resins.

The product is classified as hazardous pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 CLP.


Parameter Unit Value Test Method
Indene and its methylated ​​homologs(RF) % wt. min. 50 Gas Chromatography
Naphthalene % wt max. 4 Gas Chromatography
Water ppm max. 500 ASTM D 6304
Colour Gardner max. 7 ASTM D 1544

Packaging, Storage, Transportation
C10 fraction is transported in railway tanks.



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