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General Characteristics 

Propylene is manufactured by pyrolysis of oil fractions. It is a colourless, non-toxic, extremely combustible, easily inflammable gas.

Propylene is used as a monomer for the production of polymers (polypropylene and its copolymers), intermediate product for the production of chemical substances (oxoalcohols, acrylic acid) and as a technical gas for welding, cutting, etc.

The product is classified as hazardous pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 CLP.


Parame​ter Unit Values Test metho​d
Propylene % vol. min. 99,8 calculation
Ethylene ppm vol. max. 100 ASTM 2712-91
Ethane, propane and nitrogen ppm vol. max. 2000 ASTM 2712-91
Acetylene and methyl acetylene​​​​ ppm vol. max. 10 ASTM 2712-91
Dienes ppm vol. max. 10 ASTM 2712-91
C4 hydrocarbons ppm vol. max. 20 ASTM 2712-91
Oxygen ppm vol. max. 10 electrochemical
Hydrogen ppm vol. max. 10 ASTM D 2504-88
Carbon dioxide ppm vol. max. 10

ASTM D 2504-88

ASTM D 2505-88

Carbon monoxide ppm vol. max. 5

ASTM D 2504-88

ASTM D 2505-88

Sulphur (H2S + mercaptanes) mg/m3 max. 1 electrochemical
Water at the producer ppm vol. max. 15 hygrometer
Water at the customer (railway tank) ppm vol. max. 200 acc. to contract

Packaging, Storage, Transportation
Liquid propylene is stored in tightly closed tanks and is transported in railway tanks. Both the railway and storage tanks are made from low-temperature steel, cooled bellow propylene boiling point or pressurized.​​​


Safety s​heet​ 


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