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General char​acteristics

Hydrogen is ​a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas. Hydrogen has a very low density, being 14.38 times lighter than air. It is flammable in a wide range of concentrations and burns with a colourless to slightly bluish flame. Hydrogen has a high calorific value (120 MJ/kg).

Basic quali​ty parameters

The quality of hydrogen for use in mobility is specified in ISO 14687 and EN 17124.


​Parameter Specification
​Hydrogen purity (mol. %) 99,97%​
​Total non-hydrogen gases ​300 µ​mol/mol
​Water (H2O) ​max. 5 µmol/mol
​Total hydrocarbons (excluding Methane) ​max. 2 µmol/mol
​Methane (CH4) ​max. 100 µmol/mol
​Oxygen (O2) ​max. 5 µmol/mol
​Helium (He) ​max. 300 µmol/mol
​Nitrogen (N2) ​max. 300 µmol/mol
​Argon (Ar) ​max. 300 µmol/mol
Carbon dioxide (CO2)​ ​max. 2 µmol/mol
​Carbon monoxid (CO) ​max. 0,2 µmol/mol
​Sulphur compounds ​max. 0,004 µmol/mol
​Formaldehyde (HCHO) ​max. 0,2 µmol/mol
​Formic acid (HCOOH) ​max. 0,2 µmol/mol
​Ammonia (NH3) ​max. 0,1 µmol/mol
​Halogenated compounds ​max. 0,005 µmol/mol​
​Particulate matter max. 1mg/kg​


Use in transport as fuel for fue​l cells. In fuel cells, hydrogen and oxygen generate electricity, which is used to power a vehicle, and clean water.

Traffi​c signs

RID/A​​DR: Class 2

UN: 1​049

Kemler: 23 



Delivery Terms and Conditions

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